About Bhutan Nature (Asia) Ltd

Bhutan Nature (Asia) Ltd channels natural discoveries from the Kingdom of Bhutan to health-conscious consumers in Asia. Bhutan’s pollution-free Himalayan position, small population, and strict natural resource protection, yields Golden Highland Cordyceps.

Happiness grows when people are energetic and disease-free. Well-being is as important as wealth.

Hong Kong people are under enormous stress of work and pollution. We want to put the smiles back into our community as good Karma.

Ms Rebecca TSANG

Director & co-founder

After a long career in media and sports marketing, Rebecca Tsang focuses on very specific health marketing. Together with her business partner Dr Dahlgren, she promotes the wide spectrum of preventive-health benefits from Golden Highland Cordyceps (“GHC”).

She believes the natural, immune-boosting power of GHC combined with the practice of mindful meditation, can help Hong Kong people cope with stress and pollution successfully.

In addition, she believes that giving back to the less fortunate is a responsibility for all human beings — as is the preservation of the natural environment.

As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, Bhutan Nature (Asia) Ltd contributes to the International Bhutan Foundation and Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network ( BEGIN).



Harvard-trained medical doctor from Sweden Dr Atti-La Dahlgren is currently a researcher at the University of Geneva. He is a renowned expert in the anti-ageing field and the winner of the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization Innovation Award.

Dr. Dahlgren has contributed more than a decade advising the Royal Government and Ministry of Health in Bhutan. He established the International Bhutan Foundation in Geneva to raise funds for health, skills training and education programs for rural children. Bhutan Nature (Asia) Ltd shares that mission.