Frequently asked questions

1Who can consume Golden Highland Cordyceps?
Golden Highland Cordyceps is a herb with a long history of use that is suitable to be consumed by all.
2What is the effective amount of consumption for Golden Highland Cordyceps?
Recommended Daily dose is 0.5 gram. (2 pieces of Golden Highland Cordyceps). Make it a daily routine to strengthen your immune system.
3Does Golden Highland Cordyceps effectiveness improve storage?
Active ingredients are the most active and complete right after being collected. Proper storage is needed to keep its medical value.
4Does the size of Golden Highland Cordyceps indicate its effectiveness?
The medical value of the Cordyceps is determined by active ingredients per tael, but not the total weight and size of the Cordyceps.
5When is the best time to take Golden Highland Cordyceps?
It is recommended to take Golden Highland Cordyceps in the morning, ground into warm water, preferably before food.
6How to take Golden Highland Cordyceps?
The most efficient method is direct consumption of the Cordyceps.
It can also be taken indirectly:
  • Soup
  • Tincture
It is important that the whole Cordyceps is taken, “worm” as well as “grass” part in order to fully benefit from all active ingredients
7How to store Golden Highland Cordyceps?
Store refrigerated in an air tight container to preserve the potency of the active ingredients for a year. Store in freezer for longer preservation.