Naturally occurring Golden HighlandCordyceps is collected by nomads from a valley above 5,000m altitude. Lack of human habitation, cultivation or soil degradation allows the wild spores to function efficiently for the rare fungus growth.

Golden Highland is not retailed through medicine shops. It is pre-allocated to international buyers and local elites.

The Cordyceps harvest in Bhutan is strictly government regulated and certified from collection to grading and storage. All Golden Highland supply will have certificate of origin and year of harvest.

The Cordyceps research centre at the University of Macau has analysed Bhutan and other samples. Golden Highland was measured to have twice the potency in active ingredients for health. The researchers attribute the difference to the purity of nature in Bhutan against the degrading environments of traditional sources.

Bhutan is historically revered as the “Land of Medicinal Herbs”. Its wealth is its pollution-free gift of nature, carefully protected by its leaders and people.


Health Benefit

Cordyceps has been shown to boost the body's immune system and thereby help combat:

Respiratory weakness




Hormonal imbalance

Inflammatory disorders

High cholesterol


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